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Human-centred radiological software techniques supporting improved nuclear safety

SZŐKE István1, and JOHNSEN Terje1
1. Software Engineering Department, Man Technology Organisation, Institute for Energy Technology, Os Alle 5, NO-1777 Halden, Norway(
Abstract:The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)is an international research foundation for energy and nuclear technology. IFE is also the host for the international OECD Halden Reactor Project. The Software Engineering department in the Man Technology Organisation at IFE is a leading international centre of competence for the development and evaluation of human-centred technologies, process visualisation, and the lifecycle of high integrity software important to safety. This paper is an attempt to give a general overview of the current, and some of the foreseen, research and development of human-centred radiological software technologies at the Software Engineering department tomeet with the need of improved radiological safety  for not only nuclear industry but also other industries around the world.
Keyword: radiologicalsoftware; 3D simulation; human-centred technology; virtual reality


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