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An improved mechanistic model for predicting the molten core-concrete interaction process under severe accident
WEI Wei1,2, QI Kelin1, CAO Xinrong2, CHEN Yanfang1, and TAN Chao1
1. China Nuclear Power Operation Tech. Co., Ltd., Wuhan City 430223, China
2. Fundamental Science on Nuclear Safety and Simulation Technology Laboratory, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin City 150001, China
Abstract: To meet the domestic demand of software autonomous scheduling, an improved mechanistic model of the molten core-concrete interaction (MCCI) process under severe accidents has been developed. The Daya-Bay nuclear power plant is selected as the research object. The MCCI occurs under the station blackout (SBO) accident without the auxiliary feed water, and the large break loss of coolant (LBLOCA) accident without safety injection are calculated and analyzed. In order to verify the reasonableness and correctness of the new developed MCCI model, the calculation results of this model are compared with the large-scale analysis codes MAAP. The results indicate that the MCCI model of SIMSA code can simulate the MCCI process correctly and reasonably under multi-serial severe accidents.
Keywords: MCCI; SIMSA code; multi-serial severe accident; molten core-concrete interaction 


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