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Developmental study of advanced human system interface design method for digital I&C+HMIT -a preliminary study for passive safety PWR AP1000
MA Zhanguo1, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu1,2, NAWAZ Amjad1, and YANG Ming1
1.Foundational Science on Nuclear Safety and Simulation Laboratory, College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering UniversityHarbin 150001, China, (E-mail
2.Professor Emeritus Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Abstract: A new methodology of designing and evaluation of digital HSI (human system interface) is proposed for the support of plant operators’ supervisory control of fully automated large-scale complex NPPs (nuclear power plants). The proposed method utilizes the object-oriented software for plant DiD (defense-in depth) risk monitor with the combination of accident simulation by an advanced nuclear safety analysis code RELAP5/MOD4. The practical developments for the details of the proposed methodology are in progress by an example practice for the SBLOCA (small break loss of coolant accident) case of passive safety PWR (pressurized water reactor) AP1000.
Keyword: human system interfaces; supervisory control; plant DiD risk monitor; RELAP5/MOD4; AP1000 


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