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Review of practicing Level-2 probabilistic safety analysis for Chinese nuclear power plants

PENG Changhong, ZHANG Ning, and YANG Yinghao
China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen 518026, China (
Abstract:Existing studies about Level-2 PSA (Probabilistic Safety Analysis) in the world, covering NUREG-1150, IAEA-SSG-4, 50-P-8 and Level-2 plant PSA reports for AP1000 and EPR, serve in this paper as the basis of a literature study aimed at determining guidelines to practice Level-2 PSA in Chinese commercial nuclear power plants. We recapitulate the main technical elements composing Level-2 PSA: the familiarization with plant data and systems, interface with Level-1, containment performance analysis, accident progression and containment event tree analysis, source term and release category analysis, sensitivity, importance and uncertainty analysis, and the relationship between them. At last, outcomes of Level-2 PSA are presented.
Keywords: Level-2 PSA; containment performance; event tree analysis; source term; release category
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