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Security vulnerability of spent fuel reprocessing system based on SSE-CMM

 YU Ying1,2, YANG Xiao-hua1,2, ZOU Shu-liang1 , LIU Zheng-Hai1,2,
LIU Zhi-Ming1,2, and BAI Xiao-feng
1. Research Center for Economic & Management of Nuclear Power, University of South China, Hengyang421001
2. Computer Science & Technology School, University of South China, Hengyang421001
3. The Safety Protection Department of the 404 Company LimitedCNNCLanzhou 732850China (
Abstract: Reprocessing of spent fuel is the favored strategy for the end step of the fuel cycle. In order to set up a comprehensive framework for evaluating the security engineering practices for reprocessing systems, this paper proposed to refine the security vulnerability processes of SSE-CMM, which are part of one of the three aspects (threat, vulnerability and impact) of security risk, to fit reprocessing systems. We define security vulnerability in reprocessing systems by comparing definitions of vulnerability in several different domains, and we discuss its meaning in SSE-CMM. Separately, we analyze the specific content of the five basic practices of the vulnerability assessment process by describing the actual activities undertaken in reprocessing systems.
Keyword: vulnerability; spent fuel; reprocessing; SSE-CMM; security engineering
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