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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1 ( March 2010 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  World nuclear energy renaissance and Japan’s policy
      by  KOBAYASHI Masaharu 1
Research Reviews
  The influence on the performance of operators along with the introduction of the advanced main control board
      by  OHSUGA Yasuhiko 14
  Acoustic monitoring of rotating machine by advanced signal processing technology
      by  KANEMOTO Shigeru 21
Technical Reviews
  A feasibility study on worksite visualization system using augmented reality for Fugen NPP
      by  IZUMI Masanori, SHIMODA Hiroshi, and ISHII Hirotake 30
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Visual simulation study of equipment maintenance in dangerous environment
      by  ZHU Bo, LI Shiting, and YANG Yanhua 40
  Wide area tracking method for augmented reality supporting nuclear power plant maintenance work
      by  ISHII Hirotake, YAN Weida, YANG Shou-feng, SHIMODA Hiroshi, and IZUMI Masanori 45
  Development and experimental evaluation of an automatic marker registration system for tracking of augmented reality
      by  YAN Weida, YANG Shou-feng, ISHII Hirotake,SHIMODA Hiroshi, and IZUMI Masanori 52
  3D shape identification of parallelepiped flaw by means of biaxial MFLT using neural network
      by  ABE Masataka, BIWA Shiro, and MATSUMOTO Eiji 63
  Public perception and acceptance on nuclear energy in China from questionnaire and education
      by  ZHOU Yangping, LIU Changxin, ZHANG Zuoyi, MA Yanxiu, and SHI Zhengang 72
Technical Reports
  Augmented reality for improved communication of construction and maintenance plans in nuclear power plants
      by  SORENSEN Soren S. 83
  Method and practice on safety software verification & validation for digital reactor protection system
      by  LI Duo, ZHANG Liangju, and FENG Juntin 89