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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 3 NUMBER 4 ( December 2012 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Evaluation of plant behavior during the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
      by  MIYATA Koichi, NISHINO Shoichiro 243
  Report on the 14th International Workshop on Nuclear Safety and Simulation
      by  ZHANG Zhijian, YANG Ming, GAO Puzhen, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 255
  Overview of the international R&D recycling activities of the nuclear fuel cycle
      by  PAVIET-HARTMANN Patricia 267
  Reliability analysis of digital I&C systems in KAERI
      by  KIM Man Cheol 276
  Software reliability analysis in probabilistic risk analysis
      by  HOLMBERG Jan-Erik 281
  U.S. Department of Energy Instrumentation and Controls Technology Research for Advanced Small Modular Reactors
      by  Wood Richard Thomas 292
  Availability analysis of nuclear power plant system with the consideration of logical loop structures
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 300
  Installation of GO-FLOW into the risk monitor being developed at Harbin Engineering University
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 307
  Modeling operating modes for the MONJU nuclear power plant
      by  LIND Morten, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, JØRGENSEN Sten Bay, YANG Ming 314
  Analysis of work practices from the resilience engineering perspective
      by  NORROS Leena 325
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Design of an operator support system for online maintenance at nuclear power plant
      by  CHU Yong-yue, LI Hu-wei, GAO Qiang, YANG Ming, and YI Yan 336
  A reconsideration on deep sea bed disposal of high level radiological wastes – a post-Fukushima reflection on sustainable nuclear energy in Japan
      by  YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 343