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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 4 NUMBER 2 ( June 2013 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  SiC/SiC composite materials for nuclear applications
      by  KOHYAMA Akira, KISHIMOTO Hirotatsu 72
  Review of R&D of Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor
      by  KAMEI Takashi 80
  Plant maintenance and dismantling work support based on three-dimensional scanning technology
      by  ISHII Hirotake 97
  Hybrid diagnostic agent system for the fast-breeder reactor “Monju”
      by  GOFUKU Akio, TAKAHASHI Makoto, NAGAMATSU Takashi, MOCHIZUKI Hiroyasu, FURUSAWA Hiroaki, MINOWA Hirotsugu 105
  New regulatory guide for nuclear power plants in Japan after the Fukushima accident
      by  OHSUGA Yasuhiko 115
  Initiatives of Japanese nuclear industry to improve nuclear safety after the Fukushima Daiichi accident
      by  KUGO Akihide 127
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Safety-critical human factors issues derived from analysis of the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi accident investigation reports
      by  SAKUDA Hiroshi, TAKEUCHI Michiru 135
  Addressing the fundamental issues in reliability evaluation of passive safety of AP1000 for a comparison with active safety of PWR
      by  HASHIM Muhammad, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, YANG Ming 147
  Evaluating usability of the Halden Reactor Large Screen Display: Is the Information Rich Design concept suitable for real-world installations?
      by  BRASETH Alf Ove 160