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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 5 NUMBER 2 ( June 2014 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  The establishment and application of TRACE/FRAPTRAN/SNAP methodology for Kuosheng nuclear power plant
      by  SHIH Chunkuan, WANG Jong-rong, LIN Hao-tzu, CHEN Hsiung-chih, CHEN Shao-wen 83
  Generic Safety Issue Number 191 (GSI-191) - Status and Research Activities
      by  Lahti Erik A., Zhang Jinsuo 92
  A conceptual design in passive cooling and spray enhanced heat removal for spent fuel pool under severe accident threat
      by  HUNG Tzu-Chen, HSIEH Kai-Ting, TSAO Po-Chih, HUNG Michelle, TSENG Yung-Shin, and CHEN Yitung 99
  Hydrogen behavior in a large-dry pressurized water reactor containment building during a severe accident
      by  HSU Wen-Sheng, CHEN Hung-Pei, HUNG Zhen-Yu, and LIN Hui Chen 112
  Development of Architecture for Digital I&C System using C4ISR Framework
      by  JUNG JaeCheon, and PHAMLE Quang 117
  Effect Analysis of Faults in Digital I&C Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
      by  LEE Seung Jun 128
  Applications of Prognostics for Maintenance Optimization of Research Reactors
      by  RAHMAN Khalil Ur, KANG Myoung-Suk, and HEO Gyunyoung 136
  Development of Research Reactor Simulator and Its Application to Dynamic Test-bed
      by  KWON Kee-Choon, BAANG Dane, PARK Jae-Chang, LEE Seung-Wook, and BAE Sung Won 144
  Human Machine Interface (HMI) developments in HAMMLAB
      by  SVENGREN Haakan, HURLEN Lars, and NIHLWING Christer 149
  Integrated solution for field operations
      by  AUBIN Renaud, and DIONIS Fran├žois 159
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Burnup study of 18 months and 16/20 months cycle AP1000 cores using CASMO4E and SIMULATE-3 codes
      by  NAWAZ Amjad, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, and YANG Ming 165