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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 5 NUMBER 4 ( December 2014 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Introduction of RAVONSICS project
      by  ZENG Hai, YANG Ming, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 260
  Application of project management body of knowledge in RAVONSICS project
      by  DAI Ruidong, ZENG Hai 267
  Design of a platform for reliability analysis of safety-critical digital I&C software
      by  YANG Ming, ZOU Bowen, and YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 273
  Defense in depth concept for nuclear safety, functional modeling method and software reliability issues
      by  YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 283
  Understanding, assessing and justifying I&C systems using Claims, Arguments and Evidence
      by  GUERRA Sofia 291
  The safety review and formal verification on FPGA
      by  ZUO Jiaxu, YU Wenzhuo, LI Sen, ZENG Hai, ZHANG Chunming 299
  Multi-level flow modeling and its applications
      by  GOFUKU Akio 305
  Analysis and modelling of software in probabilistic safety assessment
      by  Holmberg Jan-Erik, Bäckström Ola, Tyrväinen Tero 310
  Software V&V for digital safety I&C systems in NPPs – Fundamentals and practical application
      by  MIEDL Horst, LINDNER Arndt, ZHANG Dan 320
  Development and assurance of high integrity of digital I&C systems for Mitsubishi PWR plants
      by  MASHIO Kenji, SHIRASAWA Hiroshi 325
  Estimation method to determine the optimized automation level considering loss of situation awareness of human operators in nuclear power plants (NPPs)
      by  LEE Seung Min, KIM Jong Hyun, SEONG Poong Hyun 332
  Simulation, digital system validation and reliability
      by  WONG Kin Wah 341
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Development and analysis of a detailed parametric simulation model of condensers for nuclear power plants
      by  ZHU Hai shan, WANG Hang, WU Peng, PENG Min jun, XU Yu xiang 347