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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 6 NUMBER 1 ( March 2015 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Report on the 18th international workshop on nuclear safety and simulation technology
      by  ZHANG Zhijian, and YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 1
Research Reviews
  General design of on-line risk monitor for nuclear power plant
      by  ZHANG Zhijian, WANG He, and LI Songfa 13
  Living PSA modeling and updating for online risk monitoring
      by  ZHANG Min, ZHANG Zhijian, CHEN Sijuan, and ZHANG Huazhi 20
  Development of reliability data analysis system in nuclear power plant
      by  MA Yingfei, and ZHANG Zhijian 30
  Review of Korean activities on PSA and its application for NPP
      by  KANG Hyun Gook, and KIM Bo Gyung 37
  Recent advancements of probabilistic risk assessment methodologies and risk monitoring usages in Japan
      by  KURAMOTO Takahiro 45
  A review of wireless sensor networks for nuclear power plant applications
      by  BARI Ataul, and JIANG Jin 53
  Software test and validation of wireless sensor nodes used in nuclear power plant
      by  DENG Changjian, CHEN Dongyi, and ZHANG Heng 68
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Global generic model for reliability analysis of the digital instrumentation and control systems
      by  MA Zhanguo, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, and YANG Ming 77
  Simulation on fluctuations in molten salt reactor with 1D coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulics model
      by  WANG Jiangmeng, and CAO Xinrong 89