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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 6 NUMBER 2 ( June 2015 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Application of new hazard analysis model for embedded systems
      by  KANEMOTO Shigeru, and OTOMO Shunsuke 98
  Reactive motion for a snake-like robot in a crowded space
      by  KAMEGAWA Tetsushi, WATANABE Tsubasa, YUAN Suxiang, and GOFUKU Akio 109
  Designing of comprehensive risk analysis system for multiple layers of defense-in depth concept
      by  YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 116
  MTBF estimation of a new design reactor coolant pump
      by  YANG Ming, LU Hong-xing, and WANG Wen-lin 126
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Development of a real-time 3D laser scanner with wide FOV and an interface using a HMD for teleoperated mobile robots
      by  FUJIWARA Tomofumi, KAMEGAWA Tetsushi, and GOFUKU Akio 132
  Robot for decontamination with 3D move on sensing
      by  CUI Yu, LI Xiang, MINAMI Mamoru, YANOU Akira, YAMASHITA Manabu, and ISHIYAMA Shintaro 142
  Functional modeling for operating procedure tasks of a Chemical and Volume Control System in PWR
      by  SONG Mengchu, YANG Ming, and GOFUKU Akio 155
  A method to detect and fix response delay of sensors measurement in sinusoidal flow condition
      by  ZHOU Bao, and GAO Puzhen 167