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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 6 NUMBER 4 ( December 2015 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Possibility of process-oriented training toward enhancing operators' resilience – preliminary consideration based on a study in air traffic control domain –
      by  KARIKAWA Daisuke, and AOYAMA Hisae 251
  Crew resource management training adapted to nuclear power plant operators for enhancing safety attitude
      by  ISHIBASHI Akira, KITAMURA Masaharu, and TAKAHASHI Makoto 259
  Is it possible to simulate an outage with the point of view of operation activities?
      by  DIONIS François, and HINTZY Anne-Sophie 263
  Proactive plant life management for safe nuclear energy
      by  LIU Li, LI Zhengcao, CHEN Dongyue, and SEKIMURA Naoto 272
  Nuclear issues evaluation based on rational risk-benefit consideration
      by  UJITA Hiroshi 276
  Plant lifetime of nuclear power plants and regulatory limits in Japan
      by  TAKAGI Toshiyuki, and AOKI Takayuki 286
  Perspective of R&D of small molten salt reactor (MSR) – proposal of UNOMI
      by  KAMEI Takashi 299
Original Papers
Research Papers
  A new sensitivity measure of functional failure probability and a comprehensive sensitivity analysis procedure of thermal hydraulic passive systems
      by  WANG Dongqing, WANG Baosheng, YU Xiang, JIANG Jin, and ZHANG Jianmin 310
  Study on the instability of a conceptual passive containment cooling system
      by  BAI Jinhua, ZHAO Bo, WANG Jianjun, YU Shengzhi, and DAI Bin 321
  Study of thermal hydraulic characteristics of a pebble bed reactor using computational fluid dynamics
      by  MA Xinrui, PENG Minjun, WANG Chengqi, and YU Dali 327