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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 8 NUMBER 2 ( June 2017 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Nuclear power and energy policy in Japan: a foreign resident energy researcher`s perspective on recent progress
      by  McLELLAN Benjamin Craig 85
Research Reviews
  Methodological basis of plant DiD risk monitor system development and its prospective applications for NPPs
      by  NAKAGAWA Takashi, TERASHITA Naotaka, and YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 91
  Next generation safety design for complex embedded systems
      by  KANEMOTO Shigeru 101
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Preliminary study on the transport of the nuclides in the secondary side of steam generator by using STAF code
      by  CONG Tenglong, SU Guanghui, TIAN Wenxi, and QIU Suizheng 110
  The influence of cooling thimble size on the heat transfer rate in a molten salt reactor residual heat removal system
      by  YANG Zonghao, MENG Zhaoming, YAN Changqi, and CHEN Kailun 118
  Scaling analysis of passive residual heat removal heat exchanger
      by  ZHANG Pan, LIU Yusheng, WEN Lijing, and XU Chao 130
  Condition monitoring of sensors with PCA method in nuclear power plants
      by  LI Wei, PENG Minjun, LIU Yongkuo, and MA Zhanguo 135
  Research on fire PRA for NPPs
      by  SUN Feng, ZHAO Bo, and ZHAO Qingnan 147
  An acceleration technique for 2D method of characteristics based on Krylov subspace method and CUDA technique
      by  ZHENG Yong, and PENG Minjun 154