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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 8 NUMBER 3 ( September 2017 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Nuclear data uncertainties propagation and quantification analysis on the PWR core level based on generalized perturbation theory
      by  HAO Chen, MA Ji, ZHAO Qiang, ZHANG Huiyan, and CHEN Jianqiang 165
  Industrial application of augmented reality
      by  ISHII Hirotake 183
Technical Reviews
  Development and application of a diagnostic technology of electric devices by noticing higher harmonics of electric power source
      by  NITTA Junya 193
  Portable gamma camera for nuclear power plants
      by  SONG YuShou, LI Hui, HU Liyuan, HOU Yingwei, and LIU Huilan 203
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Research on reliability models of HTR-PM reactor protection system
      by  Guo Chao, Zhou Shuqiao, and Li duo 215
  An integrated data-driven methodology for early fault detection and diagnosis in nuclear power plant
      by  WANG Hang, PENG Minjun, WANG Gang, LI Wei, LIU Yongkuo, CHENG Shouyu, and AYODEJI Abiodun 225
  Effects of dependent critical parameters on reliability of natural circulation-basedpassive system
      by  OLATUBOSUN Samuel Abiodun, and ZHANG Zhijian 239
Technical Reports
  Application of RELAP5-MV for some accident scenarios analysis of AP1000
      by  YOUSIF Eltayeb, ZHANG Zhijian, TIAN Zhaofei, JU Haoran, and WANG Yafeng 247