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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 9 NUMBER 1 ( March 2018 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Report of the Ninth International Symposium on Symbiotic Nuclear Power Plant Systems for 21st century (ISSNP2018)
      by  ZHANG Zhigang, GAO Puzhen, WANG Jianjun, ZHANG Zhijian, and YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 1
Research Reviews
  Pipe-wall-thinning measurement technique employing electromagnetic acoustic resonance and its application to power plant piping
      by  TAKAGI Toshiyuki, URAYAMA Ryoichi, UCHIMOTO Tetsuya, and SUN Hongjun 10
  Approaches at KAIST NICIE Lab to quantifying safety culture in nuclear power plants
      by  HAN Sang Min, KIM Ar Ryum, KIM Young Gab, and SEONG Poong Hyun 22
  Licensees activities for nuclear safety: organizational culture and leadership
      by  Kugo Akihide 28
  An Overview of U.S. Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation program
      by  YANG Won Sik 37
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Analog computation dedicated for simulation of combined electrolysiscatalytic exchange (CECE) process for water detritiation
      by  WANG Yan, JIAO Caishan, SUN Yandong, and ZHU Rongkai 46
  The effect of education on radiation risk perception of high school students
      by  OYLUMLUOĞLU Emine Handan, and BÜKE Tayfun 53
  Sensitivity analysis of the diffusion boundary layer steam condensation model
      by  BIAN Haozhi, SUN Zhongning, ZHANG Nan, MENG Zhaoming, and DING Ming 61
  A simplified detection efficiency calibration method using point source model in Tomographic Gamma Scanning
      by  HAN Miaomiao, GUO Zhirong, PENG Minjun, LIU Haifeng, LI Qinghua, and CHEN Xianglei 76
  Experimental study on flow resistance in a vertical 3 × 3 rod bundle channel under natural circulation conditions
      by  ZHU Zhiqiang, TIAN Chunping, REN Tingting, YAN Changqi, and WANG Jianjun 84
  Experimental research on sliding bubble diameter and velocity in a narrow rectangular channel under natural circulation condition
      by  YAN Meiyue, YANChangqi, REN Tingting,YANG Yongyong, CHEN Kailun, ZHANG Rui, and YANG Kuan 94