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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 9 NUMBER 2 ( June 2018 )

Original Papers
Research Papers
  Visualization experimental research on the movement characteristics of bubbles escaping from twin-orifice wall
      by  HUANG Ying, GAO Puzhen, WANG Chaoqun, WANG Zhongyi 106
  Modeling of natural circulation system with and without reactivity feedback
      by  CHEN Xianbing, and GAO Puzhen 114
  Requirements and experiences on a sustainable digital twin platform for dependable studies of thermal processes dynamics
      by  JOKELAINEN Miikka, PORKHOLM Kari, and JUSLIN Kaj 122
  Regression model for crack severity estimation in NPP
      by  AYODEJI Abiodun, and LIU Yong-kuo 132
  Effect analysis of ship motions on marine small modular reactor under full power operation condition
      by  CHENG Kun, MENG Tao, LIU Zheng, and TAN Sichao 140
  A voxelization modeling algorithm for point-kernel simulations on 3dsMax files
      by  YANG Li-qun, LIU Yong-kuo, and LI Meng-kun 148
  A point cloud based method for radiation source representation for cutting operation in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities
      by  CHAO Nan, LIU Yong-kuo, XIA Hong, and YANG Li-qun 154
  Distance information display system for supporting decom-missioning work of nuclear power plants
      by  MIKI Naoya, HARAZONO Yuki, ISHII Hirotake, SHIMODA Hiroshi, and KOUDA Yuya 162
  Simulation of pressurizer water level and causes of false water level in marine conditions
      by  YANG Bo, XIA Hong, and ZHANG Ji-yu 172
  Safety analysis on steam line break accident of integral PWR
      by  SUN Lin, PENG Minjun, and XIA Genglei 181
  Study of blind source separation algorithm based on particle swarm optimization in nuclear power background
      by  MA Xintong, XIA Hong, and ZHU Shaomin 187
  Comparative study on core designs of an annular, prismatic HTGR for passive decay heat removal
      by  SAMBUU Odmaa, TERBISH Jamiyansuren, BYAMBAJAV Munkhbat, and NANZAD Norov 194
  Preliminary neutronic analyses on VHTR core design
      by  SAMBUU Odmaa, BATSAIKHAN Khukhsuvd, TERBISH Jamiyansuren, BYAMBAJAV Munkhbat, and NANZAD Norov 200
  The comparison between the direct and second side passive residual heat removal system, and system optimized
      by  LYU Xing, PENG Minjun, and XIA Genglei 206
  Visualization study on premature CHF during two phase flow instability in narrow, vertical, rectangular channel
      by  HE Haisha, CAO Xiaxin, HU Jian, LI Na, and YANG Peixun 212
  Numerical optimization on the geometrical factors of a subsonic air-air ejector
      by  HU Jian, CAO Xiaxin, HE Haisha, MENG Zhaoming, and DING Ming 221
  A computer code for the thermal-hydraulic analysis of a helical-coil-type once through steam generator
      by  DING Xueyou, WEN Qinglong, WANG Hongyang, RUAN Shenhui, and CHEN Zhiqiang 229
Research Reviews
  Issues associated with DWO in recent studies
      by  BELLO Mary-Olubunmi, PENG Minjun, and XIA Genglei 238
  Study on using the Monte Carlo simulation code for characterization of nuclear materials
      by  K. ABD EL Gawad, ZHANG Zhijian, and YUSHOU Song 243
  Intelligent fault diagnosis for nuclear power plant based on deep belief network and support vector machine
      by  ZHOU Wen, LIU Yong-kuo, XIA Hong, and LIU Peng-fei 252
Technical Reports
  Application of blind source separation to fault diagnosis of nuclear power equipment
      by  JIANG Yingying, XIA Hong, and ZHU Shaomin 257