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Development of GaN radiation detectors for use in the current mode
LIUYang1, and LI Liansen1
1. School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Huilongguan Beinong Road No.2, 102206, China (
Abstract: A current mode GaN detector is developed by using large area semi-insulting GaN crystal as its sensitive medium. The characteristics of the detector are tested such as the I-V curve, the responsibility and sensitivity to γ-rays, the charge collection efficiency, and the time response to pulsed X-rays. The test results show that a low resistance ohmic contact is formed between the crystal and the metal electrode. The dark current is lower than 400pA at voltage of 600V, the charge collection efficiency is greater than 40%, and the time response to pulsed X-rays is at nanosecond order.
Keyword: GaN; radiation detector; charge collection efficiency; sensitivity 
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