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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 ( March 2011 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Psychological empowerment in French nuclear power plants
      by  FILLOL Charlotte 1
Research Reviews
  Overview of core simulation methodologies for light water reactor analysis
      by  YAMAMOTO Akio, and ENDO Tomohiro 12
Lecture Notes
  An introduction to multilevel flow modeling
      by  LIND Morten 22
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Utilization of fusion neutrons very high energy effects in the design of a fusion reactor tritium breeding blanket
      by  SAINTES Mathieu, and ZHOU Zhiwei 33
  Fundamental principles of alarm design
      by  US Tolga, JENSEN Niels, LIND Morten, J├śRGENSEN Sten Bay 44
  Development and evaluation of a dismantling planning support system based on augmented reality technology
      by  ISHII Hirotake, OSHITA Satoshi, YAN Weida, SHIMODA Hiroshi, and IZUMI Masanori 52
  Operator tracking system using particle filter for skill evaluation in nuclear power plant control room
      by  HE Aiguo, KANEMOTO Shigeru, KAZUMA Takenobu, FURUKAWA Takaaki, WANG Shiyang, and KAWAI Yo-ichi 61
  Transformational activity by top management for the enhancement of safety in a nuclear power plant in Japan
      by  FUKUI Hirokazu, and SUGIMAN Toshio 68
Technical Reports
  Standardization on evaluating instrumentation drift of safety protection system as an industrial guideline in Japan
      by  TANAKA Takashi, UEYAMA Ippei, TAMURA Yoshiaki, and NAGASHIMA Kazufumi 77
  Spent fuel reprocessing system security engineering capability maturity model
      by  LIU Ya-chun, ZOU Shu-liang, YANG Xiao-hua, OUYANG Zi-gen, and DAI Jian-yong 83
Short Notes
  Review of practicing Level-2 probabilistic safety analysis for Chinese nuclear power plants
      by  PENG Changhong, ZHANG Ning, and YANG Yinghao 92