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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 2 NUMBER 2 ( June 2011 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  The update of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident (March 11 through May 31, 2011)
      by  SHIBUTANI Yu 99
  Addenda to the update of the Fukushima Nuckear Power Station accident (March 11 through May 31, 2011)
      by  IJNS Editor 114
Research Reviews
  Research on software systems dependability at the OECD Halden Reactor Project
      by  SIVERTSEN Terje, and ØWRE Fridtjov 124
Lecture Notes
  Control functions in MFM: basic principles
      by  LIND Morten 132
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Integrated method for constructing knowledge base system for proactive trouble prevention of nuclear power plant
      by  YANG Ming,ZHANG Zhijian, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, LIND Morten, ITO Kyoko, TAMAYAMA Kiyoshi, and OKUSA Kyoichi 140
  Pitting-attack behavior of cold rolled 321 stainless steel in sodium chlorine solution at 250 °C
      by  HAN Yun-tao, LV Jin-long, and LUO Hong-yun 151
  Numerical simulation of the gas diffusion process during an air ingress accident in the HTR-PM
      by  ZUO Hong-wei, DONG Yu-jie, and LIU Bao-ting 161
  Study on the characteristics of flow resistance under the condition of low frequency flow fluctuation
      by  LIU Yu-sheng, GAO Pu-zhen, Tan Si-chao, and ZHANG Jia-jia 170
Research Reviews
  Symbiotic energy demand and supply system based on collaboration between rare-earth and thorium utilization
      by  KAMEI Takashi 178
Technical Reports
  Security vulnerability of spent fuel reprocessing system based on SSE-CMM
      by  Yu Ying, YANG Xiao-hua, ZOU Shu-liang, LIU Zheng-Hai, LIU Zhi-Ming, and BAI Xiao-feng 191