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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 ( June 2010 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Virtual and augmented reality in the nuclear plant lifecycle perspective
      by  JOHNSEN Terje, and MARK Niels-Kristian 94
  Critical heat flux induced by flow instability in boiling channels – a review
      by  OZAWA Mamoru, UMEKAWA Hisashi, MATSUMOTO Ryosuke, and AMI Takeyuki 104
Technical Reviews
  Condition monitoring for maintenance support
      by  BEERE William, BERG Øivind, WINGSTEDT Emil, SAVOLAINEN Samuli, and LAHTI Tero 121
Original Papers
Research Papers
  3D representation of radioisotopic dose rates within nuclear plants for improved radioprotection and plant safety
      by  VABØ Rune, PIOTROWSKI Leon, and RINDAHL Grete 127
  A goal based methodology for HAZOP analysis
      by  ROSSING Netta Liin, LIND Morten, JENSEN Niels, and JØRGENSEN Sten Bay 134
  A systematic fault tree analysis based on multi-level flow modeling
      by  GOFUKU Akio, and OHARA Ai 143
  Necessity of supporting situation understanding to prevent over-trust in automation
      by  ITOH Makoto 150
  Improvement of mutual understanding in risk communication by application of a debate support system
      by  SHIMODA Hiroshi, MATSUDA Koji, ISHII Hirotake, and YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 158
Technical Reports
  Development and design guideline for computerized human-machine interface in the main control rooms of nuclear power plants
      by  MISHIMA Takaki, NISHI Hiroaki, TAMURA Yoshiaki, and NAKAGAWA Yasushi 166
  Development of an advanced operation support system
      by  UENO Yohei, KAWAGISHI Motohiko, and OI Tadashi 170
  The wireless diagnostic system for motor operated valves
      by  ITO Haruo, AKIYAMA Michiaki, and SUZUKI Syunichi 176