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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 4 NUMBER 1 ( March 2013 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  A tale of two safeties
      by  HOLLNAGEL Erik 1
  Critical review on what factors affected the evolution of the Fukushima accident
      by  OHSUGA Yasuhiko, YOSHIDA Tamiya, SAKUDA Hiroshi 10
  Prerequisites of ideal safety-critical organizations
      by  TAKEUCHI Michiru, HIKONO Masaru, MATSUI Yuko, GOTO Manabu, SAKUDA Hiroshi 22
  A method for selection of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) transportation route considering socioeconomical cost based on contingent valuation method (CVM)
      by  KIM Young Sik, KIM Ar Ryum, SHIN Seung Ki, HA Jun Su, SEONG Poong Hyun 34
Lecture Notes
  A Monte Carlo simulation method for system reliability analysis
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 44
Original Papers
Research Papers
  A toolkit for computerized operating procedure of complex industrial systems with IVI-COM technology
      by  ZHOU Yangping, YE Jinliang, DONG Yujie, HUANG Xiaojing, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 53
  Condition monitoring of steam generator by estimating the overall heat transfer coefficient
      by  FURUSAWA Hiroaki, GOFUKU Akio 59
Short Notes
  A study of functions of “The Bank (Thorium Energy Bank)”
      by  KAMEI Takashi 67