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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 4 NUMBER 4 ( December 2013 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Report of the fifth International Symposium on Symbiotic Nuclear Power Systems for 21st Century (ISSNP2013)
      by  ZHOU Yangping, YANG Ming, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 234
Research Reviews
  Perspectives on phenomenology and simulation of severe accident in light water reactors
      by  SUGIMOTO Jun 242
  Hybrid diagnostic system for nuclear power plants
      by  GOFUKU Akio, MINOWA Hirotsugu, TAKATORI Kenji, TAKAHASHI Makoto, NAGAMATSU Takashi, FURUSAWA Hiroaki 253
  Research on the evaluation model of the software reliability for nuclear safety class digital instrumentation and control system
      by  CHI Miao, YANG Ming 260
  Fundamental experiment on the distance for fragmentation of molten core material during core disruptive accidents in sodium-cooled fast reactors
      by  MATSUBA Ken-ichi, ISOZAKI Mikio, KAMIYAMA Kenji, TOBITA Yoshiharu, SUZUKI Tohru 272
Technical Reviews
  Lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
      by  NARABAYASHI Tadashi 278
  R&D proposals to improve outages operation:Methods, practices and tools
      by  DIONIS François 289
  Importance of modern instrumentation and control systems in nuclear power plants
      by  GLÖCKLER Oszvald 295
  Human-In-The-Loop simulation in support of long-term sustainability of light water reactors
      by  HALLBERT Bruce P. 305
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Design of an FPGA-based PWR ATWS mitigation system
      by  Lu Jun-Jen, Chou Hwai-Pwu 311
  Two-temperature method for heat transfer process in a pebble fuel
      by  YU Dali, PENG Minjun 319