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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 1 NUMBER 3 ( September 2010 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Reliability graph with general gates (RGGG): A novel method for reliability analysis
      by  SEONG Poong-Hyun and SHIN Seung-Ki 180
  GO-FLOW methodology -Basic concept and integrated analysis framework for its applications
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 198
  Prediction of dryout type critical heat flux and relevant thermal-hydraulic issues
      by  OKAWA Tomio 207
Technical Reviews
  Research and practice of accelerated ageing management for important and susceptible components in nuclear power plants
      by  HUANG Li-jun, CHEN Shi-jun, CHEN Yu, and QU Meng 220
Educational Programs and Laboratory Review
  Reactor physics experiment for advanced nuclear reactor system at Kyoto University Critical Assembly (KUCA)
      by  UNESAKI Hironobu, MISAWA Tsuyoshi, PYEON Cheol-Ho, SANO Tadafumi, and LIM Jae-Yong 228
Lecture Notes
  Virtual Reality: Fundamentals and nuclear related applications
      by  ISHII Hirotake 236
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Failure and its mechanism of LWR and research reactor fuels
      by  YANAGISAWA Kazuaki 246
  Integrated and visual performance evaluation model for thermal systems and its application to an HTGR cogeneration system
      by  ZHANG Qi, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, ISHII Hirotake, and SHIMODA Hiroshi 258
Technical Reports
  Mitsubishi’s computerized HSI and digital I&C system for PWR plants
      by  ITO Koji, HANADA Satoshi, and MASHIO Kenji 266
Short Notes
  Factors analysis of water hammer in FLOWMASTER for main feedwater systems of PWR nuclear power plants
      by  WANG Xin, HAN Wei-shi 273