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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 6 NUMBER 3 ( September 2015 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Report on the 19th International Workshop on Nuclear Safety and Simulation Technology
      by  ZHANG Zhijian, HAO Chen, and WANG Jianjun 176
Research Reviews
  Introduction and research progress of the project of numerical virtual reactor
      by  LI Lei, ZHANG Zhi-jian, CHEN Guang-liang, HAO Chen, TIAN Zhao-fei, LI Xiao-chang, and DONG Xiao-meng 186
  A critical review of measuring technique based on laser induced fluorescence and its future application in verification and validation of advanced light water reactor simulation
      by  ZHAO Tingjie, TAN Sichao, WANG Xiaoyu, WANG Ruiqi, and MENG Tao 201
  Surface dose rates of the spent fuel dry storage cask system at the first nuclear power plant in Taiwan
      by  HUANG Yu-Shiang, LAI Po-Chen, and SHEU Rong-Jiun 212
  Predicted water chemistry for current and advanced light water reactors
      by  YEH Tsung-Kuang, and WANG Mei-Ya 218
  Application of computational fluid dynamics codes for nuclear reactor design
      by  YOU Byung-Hyun, MOON Jangsik, and JEONG Yong Hoon 226
  Ion accelerator based radiation simulations of neutron damage in reactors: issues and challenges in experiments and modeling
      by  SHAO Lin 234
  Transition of the mission success probability with the progression of nuclear power plant accident
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 242