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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 4 NUMBER 3 ( September 2013 )

Invited Articles
Research Reviews
  Report on the 15th International Workshop on Nuclear Safety and Simulation Technology
      by  YANG Ming, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 170
  Perspective on post-Fukushima severe accident research
      by  SUGIMOTO Jun 179
  An overview of Multilevel Flow Modeling
      by  LIND MORTEN 186
  A new functional modeling framework of risk monitor system
      by  YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, LIND Morten, MATSUOKA Takesh, HASHIM Muhammad, YANG Ming, ZHANG Zhijian 192
  Bayes’ theorem and its application to nuclear power plant safety
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 203
  Approaches at KAIST NICIE Lab to quantifying situation awareness in nuclear power plant MCRs
      by  SEONG Poong-Hyun, YIM Ho-Bin, KIM Man-Cheol, HA Jun-Su, LEE Hyun-Chul, LEE Seung-Woo 211
  Human-centred radiological software techniques supporting improved nuclear safety
      by  JOHNSEN Terje, SZŐKE István 219
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Qualification of safety-critical software for digital reactor safety system in nuclear power plants
      by  KWON Kee-Choon, Park Gee-Yong, KIM Jang-Yeol, LEE Jang-Soo 226