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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 7 NUMBER 1 ( March 2016 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Reinforced measures of severe accident prevention for restarting Japanese PWR plants after Fukushima accident
      by  YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu 1
  Japan’s cost verification of electricity generated by nuclear power plants: achievements and challenges
      by  INASAWA Izumi 22
Research Reviews
  Overview of risk assessment in digitalized nuclear power plants
      by  KANG Hyun Gook, and SHIN Sungmin 28
Lecture Notes
  Functional information in operator support systems
      by  GOFUKU Akio, and INOUE Takahisa 35
Original Papers
Research Papers
  Dynamic analysis of passive heat removal system for molten salt reactor
      by  WU Xiangcheng, YAN Changqi, SUN Lu, and MENG Zhaoming 42
  Study on characteristics of steady natural circulation flow for external reactor vessel cooling
      by  LIU Yu-sheng, LI Cong-xin, XU Chao, WEN Li-jing, and TAN Si-chao 48
  Numerical study on subcooled boiling and flashing-induced flow instability under rolling motion
      by  YU Shengzhi, WANG Jianjun, YAN Changqi, and GUO Xueqing 55
  Application of adaptive genetic-simplex algorithm in parameter optimization of nuclear power components
      by  WANG Cheng, YAN Changqi, and WANG Jianjun 64
  Knowledge-based software design for Defense-in-Depth risk monitor system with the preliminary study for AP1000 application
      by  MA Zhanguo, and YANG Ming 74
  Monte Carlo modeling on primary damage generation induced by ions in solid materials
      by  Yan Qiang, Wu Chenbin, and Li Wei 88