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ISSN 2185-0577
VOLUME 7 NUMBER 2 ( June 2016 )

Invited Articles
Industrial & International Trends
  Report of the Eighth International Symposium on Symbiotic Nuclear Power Systems for 21st Century (ISSNP2016)
      by  ZHANG Zhigang, ZENG Wei, GAO Puzhen, YU Hongxing, and ZHANG Zhijian 97
Research Reviews
  Perspective to make nuclear power plants more resilient
      by  GOFUKU Akio 106
  Insights from accident probability calculation for spent fuel transportation and storage
      by  YUN Mirae, CHRISTIAN Robby, ALMOMANI Belal, and KANG Hyungook 112
  Transition of the mission success probability under severe accident conditions: analysis by the GO-FLOW methodology and the consideration of uncertainty
      by  MATSUOKA Takeshi 119
  Capability of computing sensitivity coefficients with regard to Legendre scattering moments implemented in RMC
      by  QIU Yishu, WANG Zijie, AUFIERO Manuele, FRATONI Massimiliano, and WANG Kan 129
  Cost-accuracy analysis of a variational nodal 2D/1D approach to pin resolved neutron transport
      by  ZHANG Tengfei, WU Hongchun, CAO Liangzhi, LEWIS Elmer-E., SMITH Micheal-A., and YANG Won-sik 134
  Development of GaN radiation detectors for use in the current mode
      by  LIU Yang, and LI Liansen 139
  A technique to prioritize plausible counter operation procedures in an accidental situation of plants
      by  INOUE Takahisa, and GOFUKU Akio 144
  Identification of the risk induced by malicious attack on the NPP HMI system
      by  KIM Hee Eun, SON Han Seong, KIM Jonghyun, and KANG Hyungook 153
  Flow resistance and heat transfer for single phase natural circulation flow in a vertical narrow rectangular channel
      by  TIAN Chunping, YAN Ming, YAN Changqi, CAO Xiaxin, and ZHU Zhiqiang 159
Original Papers
Research Papers
  An improved mechanistic model for predicting the molten core-concrete interaction process under severe accident
      by  WEI Wei, QI Kelin, CAO Xinrong, CHEN Yanfang, and TAN Chao 166
  Developmental study of advanced human system interface design method for digital I&C+HMIT -a preliminary study for passive safety PWR AP1000
      by  MA Zhanguo, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, NAWAZ Amjad, and YANG Ming 177
  Using bootstrap method to establish surrogates safety goals for a society with operating NPPs
      by  WANG Yan, ZHANG Zhijian, ZHANG Huazhi, and XU Anqi 187